Essence Collection

Spicy mix

Essence Collection

Spicy mix

Marie Brizard reveals in this liqueur the complexity and aromatic richness from this spices subtle mix. It sublimates your cocktails & food creations with spicy/hot and floral notes. This rich and subtle flavour brings a long and delicate pleasure in mouth.

Look: Liquid, clear

Aroma: The peppercorn is the dominant/main flavour enriched by many subtle floral notes from several spices

Flavour: Smooth and sweet attack. It offers a wide range of aromatic spices. Long finish, the spiciness leaves a delicate and subtle sensation of heat and softness.

Tasting: Create original cocktails or rediscover classics like Mojito, Gin & Tonic, Cuba Libre….

Product information:

ABV 30%

Available in: 50cl

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