A long history


Since 1755

1714 : birth of Marie Brizard

Birth of the company’s founder, Marie Brizard, on June 28th 1714 in Bordeaux.

1755 : Marie Brizard creates the Anisette liqueur

Foundation of Maison Marie Brizard & Roger by Marie Brizard and Jean-Baptiste Roger, her business partner. Creation of the first of a kind Anisette Liqueur.

Marie Brizard

1763 : Anisette becomes a royal success !

Marie Brizard finalizes the definitive recipe for the famous Anisette liqueur. King Louis XV orders Anisette for Versailles’s banquets.

1766 : Citrus liqueurs are born

Marie Brizard creates the first French orange based liqueurs : Finesse Orange and Parfait Amour.

1805 : A family destiny

Marie Brizard’s niece Anne and her husband Jean-Baptiste Roger hand over the company to their three sons: Jean-Baptiste, Augustin and most particularly Théodore Roger
The process of passing on the expertise to the next generations is now complete

Marie Brizard history - Destiny

1827-1829 : International expansion

The company develops its trade in the French and Spanish empires. It exports cases of Anisette to South America and the United States, two attractive markets that will remain loyal to Maison Marie Brizard & Roger.

1880’s : Pioneer advertising

First advertising campaigns starting around 1880’s colourful and daring, featuring women.

1893 : Awards winning

Maison Marie Brizard & Roger takes part in the World’s Fair in Chicago, and from this date, prizes awarded at trade fairs would always appear on the bottle labels.

1900 : Exposition Universelle in Paris

Marie Brizard is at World’s Fair in Paris (50 million visitors). Anisette appears on the menus of great Parisian hotels and restaurants

Marie Brizard history

1949 : Mobile advertising

Buses advertising Marie Brizard are seen throughout France and featured at trade fairs, establishing the liqueur range as a popular brand.

Marie Brizard history - Mobile advertising

1966 : Marie Brizard becomes iconic

 We now see the bottle appearing in a number of movies and the brand becomes one of the strong symbols of the French art de vivre.

Marie Brizard history

1986 : First cocktail competition

Marie Brizard launches its first international cocktail competition.

1990 : A new catchy advertising!

Marie Brizard reignites its original campaign with the “Marie Brizard – nothing has caused so much trouble since 1755″.

Marie Brizard history

2011 : Double gold medal

Marie Brizard® Anisette receives a double gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, perpetrating the prizes won between 1855 and 1958 at the great trade fairs.

Marie Brizard history

2015 : New company name

The group is renamed Marie Brizard Wine and Spirits encapsulating the brand’s power and international reach

2016 : A new vibrant look

New visual identity.

2019 : Marie Brizard® Masters

The Marie Brizard Masters take place in Bordeaux in November.
SAYO TOYOKAWA becomes the global winner.

2021 : Liqueurs range restage

Full restage of the liqueurs range : natural flavours, lower sugar and alcohol in selected recipes

2022: A new global brand communication idea.

« Voulez-vous mixer avec moi ? »

Voulez-vous mixer avec moi ?

2022 : Syrups range restage

All syrups are made with 100% natural flavourings.

Marie Brizard history