Ginger Crusta

Ginger Crusta

Number of people

Ingredients :

3 cl Marie Brizard (Essence) Ginger

1.5 cl Squeezed lemon juice

1.5 cl Squeezed orange juice

2.5 cl Spicy rhum

1 Coffeespoon of Honey

1 Nutmeg freshly grated

Utensils used :


Preparation :

Add to a mixing glass filled with with ice cubes the squeezed lime juice, Marie Brizard Ginger (Essence) Liqueur, spicy rhum, a spoon of honey and shake. Frost over with lemon and sugar the edges of a stemmed glass. Filter with a strainer and pour the mix into the stemmed glass. Soflty grate the nutmeg above the glass and serve the cocktail.

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