Chocolate Old Fashioned

Chocolate Old Fashioned

Number of people

Ingredients :

1 cl Marie Brizard® Chocolate Syrup

2 cl Marie Brizard Apry®

4 cl Whisky William Peel®

1 Dash of Orange bitter

Utensils used :

Stirring spoon

Preparation :

Rince an old fashionned type glass with the Marie Brizard Apry Liqueur and discard it. Pour the Marie Brizard Chocolate Syrup, orange bitter and 1/2 whisky measure. Fill the glass with ice cubes then stir for 15 seconds with a bar spoon. Add the second 1/2 of the whisky measure, top with ice then stir again. Decorate with an orange zest and shaved chocolate on the side.

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