Marie Brizard Masters


Every couple of years, the Marie Brizard Masters invites the most creative and innovative bartenders from all over the world to share and compete in a friendly and stimulating environment. The new winner will have the privilege of developing the next Marie Brizard special liqueur and get the glorious title of Marie Brizard Masters.


Last edition was more than just a competition... Gathering 30 competitors at the Mama Shelter in Bordeaux, challenges and skills-sharing were the key words of this bold week-end.

Looking for audacity, the exceptional jury of Startenders had the difficult task of selecting the best bartenders at each step of the competition. During the last challenge, the 4 finalists faced the great challenge of presenting a creation that would express the period between 1880 and 1920: the Golden Age of cocktails and Art Deco.

A communicative energy. A surprising and tasty cocktail. One of the most pleasant personality. Piotr Sajdak, from the “Salut Bar” in Berlin, came as an evidence to embody Marie Brizard and triumphed at the end of this inspiring three days. Soon, the Masters liqueur, he helped develop, will be ready... And we cannot wait to find a little bit of Piotr in our products.

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Some might use the word curious to define something strange, unexplained, hard to perceive. Others define it as the desire to learn or to discover new things. When we progress in the world of liqueurs we have to juggle between these two definitions to be constantly innovative.


This year, the international liqueur brand is asking everyone to be more than a flavour expert. The true purpose in the bartender world is to always surprise while satisfy. So, let’s be constantly eager to try new things. Let’s seek out unexpected tastes, drinks or thrills by making spontaneous, bold and daring choices.
Let’s be liquerious.

Music hall, surrealism, liberation of women ... Marie Brizard chose the 20s to illustrate liqueriousity for the upcoming contest. We are waiting to be surprised. Let's take a journey into the roaring twenties.


We will meet in Bordeaux, Marie Brizard home town, for 3 days of discovery, challenge and last but not least: creativity. It’s around a generous atmosphere that we’ve prepared 3 tailor-made workshops in which the 25 final candidates will express their flow.
Time to save the date: 11th, 12th and 13th of November 2018 are no longer blank in your calendar.

Marie Brizard : produits



Marie Brizard®, one of the oldest French liqueurs Maison, has been bold since its beginning in 1755 in Bordeaux.

Marie Brizard was a sensational soul: a pioneer, a woman of spirits, a daring creative, an entrepreneur, an inventor and a successful businesswoman. She was constantly curious about flavours, about distilling and about trying new things. We’ve been inspired by her endless sense of wonder, her inquiring mind and her thirst for knowledge that made her liqueurs world famous.

  • Anisette
  • Parfait Amour
  • Sichuan pepper essence
  • Yuzu liqueur
  • Grapefruit syrup

Marie Brizard® liqueurs benefit from the unique expertise of their Master-Liquorist who captures the best of nature (fruits, plants and spices) in the form of spirits, infusions and juices. The unique expertise of Marie Brizard® liqueurs over 260 years is regularly awarded.